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The Vinh started dancing with the age of 15 and made his first experiences in Hip Hop. He taught his first class when he was 17 years old and discovered his love to choreographing and teaching.

He is very successful in Urban Choreography and traveling to teach and perform national and international.
The Vinh is the founder and director of the dance teams „En2rage“ and the youth team called „YoungNature“. He is also one of the creator and CEO of „HannoverDanceClasses“, a company which organize and host dance events like dance- camps, showcases and battles.

Further more he shares and teaches his knowledge in world known studios and camps in Europe, Asia and America like Movement Lifestyle, Kinjaz Dojo, Sinostage, The Lab, Snowglobe Perspective, Recognize Studio or SummerJam.

Connecting people and help building communities are the main priorities in The Vinh´s work. Also putting dancers in the „spotlight“ is one of his main intentions in everything he does because he believes that dancers are more than just background dancers for singing artists. He strongly believes that dancers are great and shining artists on their own and should be seen and respected like that.



TEACHING Kinjaz Dojo

Los Angeles, United States


TEACHING Movement Lifestyle

Los Angeles, United States


SHOWCASE City Dance Performance Life

Palace of fine Arts, San Francisco, USA


TEACHING Base Dance Studio

London, England


TEACHING Sinostage Summerweek Camp

Kinjaz Dojo China, Chengdu, China


Sinostage Summer Showcase with Vivi Kaluza

Chengdu, China


„Project Home“ Premiere Hanover with Larkin Poynton & Chris Martin

Hannover, Germany